On the following day, the SS Einsatzgruppen made a second “sweep”through Nesvizh almost 9 months after the first sweep, but this second wave was expected by everyone. The Germans surrounded the ghetto to carry out another “selection” for only 30 textile workers to live. However, all chose to fight until death with a few weapons, knives, hatchets, sticks, rods, irons, chemical acids and stones.  A number of Germans and their Lithuanian police collaborators broke through the gate of the ghetto fence and overcame the inhabitants.

The Great Synagogue circa 1930

  • Only 30 textile workers would live
  • Germans  opened fire and liquidated ghetto
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Crowds of non-Jews pillaged
  • Rozen  passed son to Christian woman
  • Jews set fire to their houses.

The Great Synagogue was destroyed.