When First Jews Arrived in Nesvizh

Jews are mentioned in the history of Nesvizh in the early 16th century, possibly at the time of Columbus’ discovery.  The Nesvizh prince, Nicholai the Protestant, ruled the town and permitted Jewish merchants to settle and conduct business. They worked in inns.

Later the town became the possession of the Radzivil family and the ruling prince permitted Jews to practice their religion and to have Jewish self-government.

            The Radzivils built a fabulously rich estate including a gorgeous castle.  You may recall the name Radzivil in conjunction with Jacqueline Onassis’ brother-in-law who was a Radzivil.

Radzivil Castle

  • Circa 1492
  • City dwellers/skilled craftsmen
  • Experienced in trade/finances
  • 1589, Radzivils granted Jews certain  rights